If you’re a homeowner or planning to become one, then testing for the presence of VOCs is an important first step in understanding how your indoor air is being affected by the materials used in your home. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) originate indoors from common sources, including paints, cleaning supplies, carpets, wood floors, building materials and home furnishings. Breathing low levels of VOCs for long periods of time can increase a person’s risk of health problems.

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What Does FM Services VOC Testing Include?

We perform comprehensive VOC testing using the the most sensitive handheld VOC monitor in the world. We will test the air, furniture, paints, inks, and more to determine if the products in your home are polluting the air you and your family breathe. Our equipment’s Photoionization Detector (PID) provides true parts-per-billion (ppb) detection for applications from indoor air quality (IAQ) to HazMat/Homeland Security. Needless to say, it is h

What Are VOCs?

VOCs are chemicals that lack hydrogen and have carbon, oxygen, and other elements. They evaporate at room temperature, but they also enter our air supply. There are legal limits for specific VOC levels in indoor air. It is important to keep your home safe from high levels of VOCs so you and your family don’t experience health problems. While it may be hard to think about VOCs when purchasing new things, knowing what they are will help you make better decisions as a homeowner so that you know when something is harmful to the indoor air quality of your home.

Symptoms of VOC Exposure

Homeowners are often unaware of the adverse health effects that can result from exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The EPA states that VOCs are the leading cause of sensory irritation, corrosion and eye damage. Although some VOCs like formaldehyde can be found in homes on their own, most often they’re a byproduct of certain materials interacting with each other through chemical reactions.


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