Nobody enjoys coming home to a strange smell that you just can’t seem to kick. What happens when you’ve cleaned and cleaned but haven’t found any results to quench the stench? There are several factors that could be contributing to strange smells in your home and we have the services to put a stop to them fast! 

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are the perfect breeding ground for germs, pollen, dust, and dander. Dirty air ducts and vents go way beyond just poor airflow. Because your air ducts are connected to every room throughout your home, they distribute germs, smells, and mold throughout your home. Increased condensation and humidity in the summer months can lead to mold developing throughout your ventilation system and spreading through your home. Duct cleaning can help remove any unwanted smells and bacteria growing in your home. Using high-powered specialty tools and equipment, we can go beyond blowing out and vacuuming up the various dirt and debris which are present in most people’s vents, we also brush the entire length of the vent for the most thorough air duct cleaning service possible.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vents are another area within your home that always experience high heat and high humidity. If not properly cleaned, this is the perfect place for mold and mildew to accumulate. Fortunately, dryer vents go directly outside and do not filter throughout your home. However, if your dryer vents are not properly cleaned, they can create a mildew stench in your fabrics within the dryer and in severe cases, create a poor smell in your laundry room and home. We are prepared to remove anything that may be obstructing healthy air flow in your dryer vent and we have the high-powered equipment to do so.

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet goes through a lot. Whether you have pets, kids, a busy lifestyle, or all of the above, household carpets seem to take the brunt of it. Stains, dirt, and grime buildup, as well as all sorts of other mystery stains throughout your home as the constant hustle and bustle of life, keeps us busy. These stains and discolorations are especially noticeable in lighter-colored carpets. There are some cleaning tasks that go beyond the vacuum. Professional carpet cleaning with FM Services uses commercial-grade high-quality equipment that can combat the toughest of stains. Beyond removing the unwanted stains, odors, and debris, we are Scotchgard certified to protect your carpets from any other spills and stains the future may bring. 

Mold Inspection & Cleaning

Mold is more than just unsightly and smelly, it is also very dangerous to all who live in the environment it grows in. Mold can spread like wildfire throughout the surfaces and crevices of your home so it is important to bring it to a halt before it gets worse. Mold can create a musty, earthy smell throughout your home that cannot be kicked with air fresheners and candles. To get rid of mold and mildew, you need to bring in the big guns. We use high-powered specialty tools and equipment that allow us to not only blow out and vacuum up the various dirt and debris which are present in most peoples’ vents but also allow us to brush the entire length of the vent for the most thorough air duct cleaning service possible. Our specialty tools and products will kill mold and stop it before it can spread further. Kick mold out of your home. 


Some houses require a bit more power to kick the smell and clean your airways. We sell air purification systems for areas big and small, to get your home smelling fresh and clean and get you breathing clean and healthy air.  The air quality of your home goes beyond just what’s within it, it is also affected by the air quality outside. We only offer products we believe in and can confidently say PYURE and Odorox™ air purification systems are the best on the market in this price range. We have 4 air purification systems that will meet your price needs and get you on track to clean air.

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