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Mold Inspection and Testing in North Dakota and Beyond

Worried about mold, moisture damage, or indoor air quality? With over a decade of experience, FM Services provides accurate and detailed indoor air quality inspection services for buildings, including homes, offices, apartments, schools, and medical facilities. When you call us for a mold inspection, we not only test the mold, but also test the air quality so you can rest assured all possible traces of danger are detected.
Mold is a huge problem. It grows in dark humid places and it’s nearly impossible to see without the use of special equipment like infrared cameras or mold testing kits. It is sometimes easy to miss even when you are looking for it. Mold can cause serious health issues for your family because it spreads quickly through hidden pathways into our homes, offices and schools. Mold spores are microscopic so they spread easily throughout HVAC systems, plumbing and even electrical outlets. If you have ever smelled a musty smell coming from somewhere in the house that was not clearly visible, then there could be mold growing behind your walls or under floorboards. Take the first step to protecting your family from mold by scheduling your comprehensive mold and air inspection test with FM Services today!

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The mold testing process is an effective way to determine if you have a mold problem in your home. However, it is critical that you understand what the results of the tests mean and how they might affect your safety. It’s important to identify which areas of your home are most prone to mold growth so that you can take proper measures for eradicating it from those locations. FM Services can help you get the information you need to protect your family! Our team utilizes a variety of field meters and an infrared camera to check for moisture damage and pinpoint areas that are most prone to mold growth. This includes roof leaks, wet basements, hidden moisture behind walls, etc. In a majority of cases, we can perform moisture assessments with minimum damage so we don’t have to tear apart your home to find the problem.

Our service areas include South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana. We offer quick and efficient testing services and can often provide initial mold test results within 2 business days.

We offer reasonable prices and a variety of options to accommodate almost every budget. Let FM Services help you find peace of mind. Keep your home and more importantly your family safe from the harmful effects of mold by scheduling your mold testing service today.

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Dangers of Leaving Mold Untreated

We’ve all heard about the dangers of asbestos exposure. Now, it’s time to talk about mold. Mold is a term that encompasses several species of fungus that can be found almost anywhere in your home; they are often overlooked and underreported as dangers to humans because there is no visible pathogen or toxin. While usually not directly poisonous to people, mold has been known to cause serious health issues when exposed over long periods of time.
If you’ve ever had a damp basement, the chances are good that you’ve seen mold growing on some of your furniture or walls. Also known as “black fungus,” it can be found almost anywhere in your house—and there are hundreds of different varieties out there. For example, Cladosporium grows on carpeting and wood products; Aspergillus prefers straw and hay; Chaetomium lives in cellulose-based insulation; the list goes on. These names may sound scary and that’s because they are. It is important to contact a professional mold detection service at the first sign of mold in your home. The main concern with mold is airborne exposure. Because airborne mold is not visible to the naked eye, you and your family could be breathing it in without even knowing it. It is important to hire a licensed and experienced professional to handle your mold situation so they don’t make matters worse. Poor cleanups may disturb mold, causing high airborne mold levels, and spreading the mold throughout a building. Mold assessments without airborne mold testing must be considered incomplete. FM Services offers comprehensive mold testing services including airborne testing. So you can be sure when you hire us, no potential dangers will be overlooked.

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