Save on your energy bill and most importantly, reduce the risk of dryer fires with regular dryer vent cleanings. At FM Services, our professional technicians are highly trained to make sure nothing is overlooked during your dryer vent cleaning.

No matter where you live, the fact is that we all wear clothes, they all get dirty, and we all have to wash them. This means that our dryer vent is constantly in use and it is constantly trapping lint inside of it. Only 60% of lint is captured inside the dryer, the other 40% gets stuck in or on the outside of the vent. Now think about how often you clean your dryer lint trap, compared to how often you clean the vent.

If you start to notice any of these things, it’s likely you have a lint problem and it is time to schedule a dryer vent cleaning.

Is professional dryer vent cleaning necessary? 

Cleaning the dryer trap yourself is a good start but it is no substitute for a deep professional dryer vent cleaning. A lot of people have no idea how important it is to make sure that their dryer vents are properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. A frequent duct cleaning is not only a good way to make sure that your dryer continues functioning efficiently, it is also necessary to reduce the risks associated with a clogged vent such as having to replace the heating element in the dryer or even possibly a fire. 

Aside from the more serious issues that come as a result of neglecting your dryer vent cleaning in Fargo, there are a number of practical and financial reasons to make sure you stay on top of it as well. Things such as less money spent on energy bills, faster drying and better smelling clothes, and less time spent doing laundry are just a few.

Reasons why dryer vent cleaning is needed

Not cleaning out your entire dryer vent prevents the dryer from being able to exhaust hot air from the dryer, causing the dryer to overheat and more issues down the road. Here is why regular dryer vent cleaning is a necessity, not an option. 

Reduce your risk of potential dryer fire. Lint is extremely flammable and causes thousands of houses to burn down each year. 

Reduce the cost of your power bill. The longer you need to run your dryer to efficiently dry all of your clothes. Save money and increase energy efficiency in your home with dryer vent cleaning and other testing and cleaning services with FM Services. 

Fewer repairs.  Dryers are not a cheap investment and over time it is inedible that you will start seeing wear and tear. With regular dryer vent cleanings, it helps keep your system in check and helps eliminate some of the problems usually caused by a clogged dryer vent. 

Shorter drying time. Lint buildup makes it difficult for the humid air to escape, allowing moisture to remain in your laundry. With professional dryer vent cleaning, you will notice a significant improvement with the amount of time it takes to dry your clothes.

How our professional dryer vent cleaning process works

From birds, squirrels, mice, birds nests and more, rest assured, we are prepared for anything. After many years in the business, we have seen it all! We are prepared to remove anything that may be obstructing healthy air flow in your dryer vent and we have the equipment to do so.

After arriving on your property and greeting you, we get right to it. Our dryer vent cleaning process uses the same high-powered equipment as our air duct cleaning service. This service leaves your dryer vent clear of any obstruction or hazard. Our dryer vent cleaning service normally takes 30 minutes- 1 hour. This depends on how dirty the vent is and the location of the vent. We value your time so we commit to thorough yet efficient cleaning.

Schedule your dryer vent cleaning service today 

If you need multiple dryer vents cleaned, we have a discount for you! Please inquire for special pricing on multiple vent cleaning services. A frequent dryer vent cleaning in Fargo can take care of these issues. 

When you need air testing, mold testing, carpet cleaning, or duct cleaning services in Fargo of any kind, whether air or dryer, you can count on our professional technicians who are trained in all areas of the job. Get in touch with FM Services LLC today and let us help make sure your dryer is clean and safe.

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