Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Why should I choose the FM Services LLC team?

On top of our team undergoing a highly-respected professional training certification with Reets Drying Academy, we care about our clients. We take pride in performing our services. Our team is reliable, professional, friendly and accountable. Our company treats our employees well because we know that happy employees provide better service. We have to pay the bills but we are not in this for the money. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and we want to become your go-to carpet cleaning company.

When can you get me scheduled for a carpet cleaning?
We know you can’t wait to get your carpets cleaned! We can’t wait to clean them! We do our best to offer same day service but in rare cases we are unable to accommodate this. The earlier in the day you call, the greater chance you have of same-day service. Otherwise, we guarantee service within a 2 day window.
What is the carpet cleaning process?
After greeting you, we get right to work. First, we run hoses including a pressure line for steam from our truck-mounted cleaning system to your carpet and make sure there are no trip hazards along the way. We then give you a quick safety explanation, warning against slipping hazards and aftercare. We vacuum if necessary (this incurs an additional cost) and then get to the deep carpet cleaning using our professional commercial-grade equipment.
How long does a professional carpet cleaning service take?
Our cleaning service takes anywhere between 1-2.5 hours. For apartments you can expect 1-1.5 hours. For houses you can expect 1.5-2.5 hours. We value your time, but we also want to make sure you are getting what you pay for: a spotless home. Our technicians are trained to be thorough yet efficient.
What equipment do you use?
Our carpet cleaning service is carried out using a commercial-grade Hydromaster truck mount (operated from our van). This is not a machine that you can rent at your local hardware store. Our team went through special training, qualifying them to operate this heavy-duty cleaning system. The model of our equipment is a 423S Boxxer which operates at up to 1200PSI to steam clean tile, carpet and handle heavy extraction of water damage. Our system has a salt water filter that removes hard metals including lime, calcium, iron and other contaminants from the water we use to clean your carpets. This filtered water becomes softer which has proven to be more effective at removing dirt and bacteria than hard water directly from the spigot. Most carpet cleaning companies do not utilize a water filter and are unable to provide the results that our team is able to provide.
Do you clean tile?
We do offer this service. Please be aware that in order to sufficiently clean tile we need to have a water pressure of 800-900PSI. If you have cracks in the grout, the tile could potentially be damaged further. If you have any concerns about cracks, give us a call.
Are carpet cleaning chemicals safe?
All of our chemicals do not pose harm to anyone living in the house, including children and pets. If you have any allergies or additional concerns about the exact contents of the products we use, we are happy to discuss them prior to the service.
How can I prepare for a professional carpet cleaning service?
We ask that you clear any furniture or other items from the floors of the rooms you want serviced. Our team will not be moving any furniture so make sure you take care of this before our arrival. We also ask that you vacuum the area. If our team needs to vacuum the space before steam cleaning, there will be an additional charge.
Do I need to vacuum before a carpet cleaning service?
Yes. You should vacuum the area prior to our service. That way, when our technicians come in, they can get right to work on a deep cleaning. If you choose not to, our technicians are able to vacuum the area and this service will incur an additional charge.
Does your team move furniture before the carpet cleaning?
No. Our service does not include the moving of furniture. Please make sure you have removed all furniture and other items from the carpets you want serviced prior to our arrival.
How long do the carpets take to dry after cleaning?
This varies depending on how much ventilation there is throughout your house and what time of year it is, carpets can take up to 24 hours to completely dry. On average, clients are instructed to stay off of freshly-serviced carpets for 6-10 hours.
Is there an after smell to carpet cleaning?
Despite what many may be accustomed to, clean doesn’t have a smell. The chemicals we use in our services aim to remove odors. Therefore, we do not have any added scents in our regular carpet cleaning service. However, if you decide to add-on the pet treatment (pet deodorizer) then there may be a slight delightful smell to your property after the service.
Do you have a special service for homes with pets?
Our carpet cleaning service is great for homes with pets. In fact, a majority of our clients have pets. That is why we have an add-on service specially designed to remove stains and odors caused by pets. You can find out more about this service here.
Are carpet cleaning chemicals pet-safe?
All of the chemicals we use are pet-safe.
Can you clean pet stains?
The cleaning system we use is ready to tackle even the most stubborn stains. If you are concerned about smell left from pets then we recommend adding on our pet deodorizer service which is specially designed to remove lingering pet odor.
Can carpet cleaning kill fleas?
Although we cannot guarantee the removal of fleas from your home, it is unlikely that fleas will survive our service which uses 230 degree filtered water. Be aware that carpets are not the only place that fleas live and lay their eggs. We do recommend you contact a professional pest control company to ensure your flea problem is treated properly.
Will carpet cleaning remove pet hair?

Our carpet cleaning service will remove a majority of pet hair build up. However, be aware that pet hair is also collecting in your air duct system and will refilter through your house if not removed properly. If you are interested in learning more about our air duct cleaning service please visit this page.

Can carpet cleaning remove urine smell?
Our carpet cleaning service will remove the bacteria left behind from urine and will remove a majority of the odor caused by urine. However, we recommend adding on our pet deodorizing treatment which is specially designed to tackle this odor issue.
Will stairs and hallways be included in my service?
In most cases, yes. Most carpet cleaning companies charge an additional fee for this service. Not us! When you hire our team to service your whole house or apartment, stairs and hallways are included in your carpet cleaning service at no additional cost to you. If you however, only contract our service for one or two rooms in your house, the stairs and hallways will not be included for free.
How do I count the number of rooms I need cleaned?

Examples of rooms include: bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, playrooms, etc. Please refer to our pricing page to determine the total cost of the service.

Do you guarantee the removal of spots or stains from the carpet?
Although we are unable to guarantee the removal of spots or stains, we will do our best. Some stains permanently discolor the carpet fibers and are unable to be removed. We will try to determine this before we start our service but sometimes it is difficult to tell until we start the cleaning process.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

How can I estimate the cost of the carpet cleaning service?

Please visit our pricing page in order to get a cost estimate.

How does the commercial carpet cleaning process work?
First, we give you a cost estimate and schedule your first service at a time convenient for your company. Our technicians show up on time, quickly set up our hoses including the line for steam from our truck to your carpets, go through a couple of things to keep in mind regarding safety, check to see if you have any questions, perform the cleaning service thoroughly yet efficiently, clean-up our equipment, and head on our way.
What equipment do you use?
We perform the service using commercial-grade Hydromaster truck mount (operated from our van). You won’t find this at your local hardware store. This heavy-duty cleaning system requires special training which our team has undergone. The model of our equipment is a 423S Boxxer which operates at a pressure of 1200PSI to steam clean tile, carpet as well as handle heavy extraction of water. Our equipment also utilizes a salt water filter that removes hard metals such as lime, calcium, iron plus other contaminants from the water prior to using it to service your flooring. The filtered water becomes softer which is more effective at removing dirt and bacteria than hard water. Most carpet cleaning companies do not use a water filter and will clean your flooring with water directly from the spigot. Because we utilize a filter, our results are unmatched.
Can people be in the space during the carpet cleaning process?
We don’t expect you to evacuate the entire building in order for us to perform our services. If it so happens that you are unable to schedule a carpet cleaning after your business hours, we can perform the cleaning with people in the building. However, please keep in mind that all furniture will need to be removed from the areas you want serviced prior to the cleaning. If the furniture is not removed, we will simply perform the service around it.
How soon can I schedule my business for a carpet cleaning?
In most cases, we offer same day service. Otherwise, we are usually able to schedule your cleaning service within two days.
How long does the professional carpet cleaning take?
A typical professional carpet cleaning service takes about 2.5 hours per 2000sq.ft. If you need a more precise estimate, please give us a call.
Can I schedule a cleaning after business hours?
Yes. In most cases, we are able to perform our cleaning service outside of your business hours. We want to make this convenient for you. We can discuss this at the time of booking and try to accommodate your needs.
How soon can the carpet be walked on?
Depending on how much ventilation there is throughout the building, what time of year it is, etc. carpets can take up to 24 hours to completely dry. On average, carpets should be safe to walk on within 6-10 hours.
Do we need to vacuum before a carpet cleaning?
Yes. It is necessary to vacuum the area before our team arrives. However, if you prefer to have our team do it, there will be an additional charge.
How can our company prepare for a professional carpet cleaning service?
We ask that you remove furniture and other items from the floors of the areas being serviced. Our team will be unable to move any furniture so we will perform our service around any furniture not removed before our arrival.
Can our company be set up on a regular carpet cleaning schedule?
Yes. We are happy to schedule a routine carpet cleaning. This can be discussed with our team prior to booking.
Do you offer discounts if our business schedules regular cleanings?
Yes. We pass on savings to loyal clients. Depending on the needs of your business, we are able to offer discounts on regularly scheduled services. Please contact us to discuss potential discounts.

Air Duct Cleaning

How is air duct cleaning done?
First of all, we show up on time and get started right away. In order to ensure we leave your property in top condition, we clean each air duct using our high powered machinery. When the debri from each duct is blown through to the furnace, we then empty the furnace, leaving all ducts unobstructed.
How long does an air duct cleaning take?
The air duct cleaning for a 2000sq.ft. home, on average, takes about 3-5 hours to clean. If you need a more concrete answer, we are happy to give you an estimate over the phone.
What kind of equipment do you use for the cleaning?
Our equipment is industrial-strength. The air duct cleaning system we operate is able to create suction up to 80 feet. Our technicians are specially trained to operate this heavy duty equipment. Because we use this high-quality set up, we are able to clear out every piece of debri that is located in the air ducts.
How soon can you get me scheduled for a service?
We will try to get you in as soon as possible. In the worst case, we will get your service scheduled within 2 business days. In some cases, we are able to accommodate same day services if you call in the morning. However, please give us a call to confirm this availability.
How do I prepare for an air duct cleaning service?
In order to access your vents, we need you to move all furniture and belongings at least 3 feet away from any covered vent. We also require that you move all objects from around the furnace, creating free space three feet around.
Will the duct cleaning process leave a mess in my home or commercial property?
No. Our team performs the service with high-quality commercial-grade equipment that operates using certified HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, leaving your property free of floating dust particles.
Is air duct cleaning necessary?
Built up dust in your air duct system will circulate through your property and may affect air quality. If you are experiencing respiratory problems, coughing, allergies, fatigue, or another unexplained condition, cleaning your air ducts could potentially improve your health.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

What is the dryer vent cleaning process?
After arriving on your property and greeting you, we get right to it. Our dryer vent cleaning process uses the same high-powered equipment as our air duct cleaning service. This service leaves your dryer vent clear of any obstruction or hazard.
How long does dryer vent cleaning take?
Our dryer vent cleaning service normally takes 30 minutes- 1 hour. This depends on how dirty the vent is and the location of the vent. We value your time so we commit to thorough yet efficient cleaning.
What kind of equipment do you use?

We take dryer vent cleaning seriously. We don’t use a shop vac with a brush. Our equipment is spendy and industrial-strength. Our cleaning system is produced by Nikro Industries and creates suction up to 80 feet. There is special training involved in operating this equipment. You can be sure it will get the job done.

Will you get rid of birds, squirrels, mice, birds nests in my dryer vent?
Rest assured, we are prepared for anything. After many years in the business, we have seen it all! We are prepared to remove anything that may be obstructing healthy air flow in your dryer vent and we have the equipment to do so.
Do you repair dryer vents?
Repairing dryer vents is not part of our service. If your dryer vent is broken, we will not be able to repair it.
Do I need to move things prior to your arrival?
Our team will take care of everything. We don’t expect you to do any prep work for us. After all, you are paying us to take care of this for you.
Do you offer discounts for multiple dryer vents?
We do! When you need multiple dryer vents cleaned we save on making multiple trips. We pass on those savings to our amazing customers. Please inquire for special pricing on multiple vent cleaning services.

Water Damage Restoration

What is the water damage clean up process?
Our water damage clean up services include using commercial-grade equipment to extract water and humidity from your property, detecting and removing damaged structures, and ensuring the structural integrity of your property by applying necessary temporary reinforcements. Our water mitigation services are designed to prevent further damage to your property after a leak or flood. We do not, however, handle repairs or restoration of your property.
How does water damage clean up work?
The process is multi-phase. First, all standing water is removed from the affected area. We then use our professional Hydromaster system to extract water with suction up to 1200 PSI. We also drill holes in affected areas of drywall to allow drying to take place within the walls. This removes a majority of visible moisture. To ensure we remove hidden moisture to prevent further damage and possible mold growth, we use a professional-grade dehumidifier. This is no ordinary conventional dehumidifier. We carry out the dehumidifying process using a low-grain refrigerant dehumidifier which is a fancy way of saying that it removes moisture and collects the maximum amount so that the moisture is not released back into the air.
How much does water damage clean up cost?
The cost of mitigation depends upon many different factors including the location of the leak, how much water has gathered, what materials the water damage has affected, etc. It is impossible to estimate the cost of water damage mitigation without knowing the specifics of your case. Please give our team a call and we will be happy to discuss your case and come out to your property to do an estimate.
What should you do first when your house is flooded?
The first thing you need to do when your home is flooded in the areas of Fargo or Moorhead is call a water mitigation service like Big Fish Cleaning and Restoration. Our team of professionals will quickly get over to your property to prevent further damage to your home. It is important that you call us as soon as possible because every moment that passes is causing more damage to your property.
Does my homeowners insurance cover water damage?
It is possible that your homeowners insurance will cover the damage caused to your property from a leaky pipe, flood, etc. This is something that needs to be discussed directly with your insurance company.
Do you guys offer water cleanup services for leaky pipes or appliances?
Yes. This is one of the most common reasons people contract our water damage cleanup services. These issues can usually be detected and taken care of fairly quickly. Contact our team to get it resolved as soon as possible.
Does your team handle the repairs after the water damage is cleaned up?
We do not offer restoration services. Our services are limited to the mitigation process. We handle the clean-up, extraction of water as well as dehumidification of your home using commercial-grade equipment. We ensure that your home is prepared to receive professional restoration services.
How long does it take to dry out a flooded house?
If your home is flooded, it is important that you seek professional water damage mitigation services as soon as possible. Every moment you wait is further damaging your home which can lead to higher repair costs, mold, and even threaten the foundation of your property entirely. If your home has been affected by a flood it is highly unlikely it will dry out on its own. Remember that even if the water has been removed and it looks dry that doesn’t mean that the water has not collected within walls and beneath floors. Our team has equipment that is able to remove water and humidity from deep within walls and floors, which prevents further damage. If you have further questions about our water damage mitigation process please don’t hesitate to contact our team.
How is your team trained to handle water damage clean up?

Our team of technicians is highly trained in both cleaning and water damage extraction, clean up, and restoration. We are certified through a highly-respected state of the art training program: Reets Drying Academy.

Junk Removal

How does junk removal work?
The process is fairly simple. At minimum, we send two people to load up our truck. If you need additional support beyond two people, that will be quoted separately and can be discussed by phone before booking our service.
How far will you travel for junk removal?
We primarily service the Fargo and Moorhead areas. If the site is located outside of these areas, we do charge an additional cost based on mileage. We are happy to give you a precise quote by phone. Just give us a call.
Are there any extra costs?
We strive to be as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing. We don’t want to hit you with a charge you weren’t expecting. You can be sure that typical items such as couches, bed frames, etc. are included in our listed service price. Please be aware that there are extra costs regarding the removal of certain items. Items that incur additional charges include but are not limited to TVs, tires, household chemicals such as paint, etc. We try to make sure to ask you about these things before we come out so that we all know what to expect. If you have any doubts on whether an item will incur an extra charge then just give us a call.
Do you dispose of household chemicals?
We are able to remove household chemicals including paint and pest control products. Disposal of household chemicals does come with an additional cost because we are charged ourselves in order to dispose of said household chemicals. We are happy to discuss this with you prior to our arrival so everyone knows exactly what to expect.
How much does it cost to dispose of old tires?
There is an additional charge for tire disposal depending on the size of the tire. We are happy to discuss this with you prior to our arrival so everyone knows exactly what to expect.


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